German Officials Suspend Treason Inquiry of Bloggers, but Public Still Seethes

By: Melissa Eddy of The New York Times

Two German bloggers who work for, Markus Beckedahl and Andre Meister, are under fire for treason charges. They published two documents that contained information about Germany's domestic intelligence service to ask for funds to expand its online surveillance opportunities and to monitor social media to combat terrorism. 

If this fits the country's definition of treason, what does this mean for the bloggers?

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Glenn Moss

623 days ago

Offering online opinion and exchanging ideas can be one of the best and most empowering aspects of a digital/online life. As we've seen with our own government's gathering of emails, it is very tempting for governments seeking to maintain some measure of individual freedoms to use the fears over terrorism as a cover to troll, track and reach conclusions from our online voices. But it is the freedoms that are central to who we are and think we are. however those voices are spoken and exchanged as technology changes, protecting those freedoms do not.

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Last Updated: 1/30/16