Pre-Law Library (in AB-G34)

* Law School Admissions Process
* Surveys of Binghamton alumni now in law school
* Law School Admission Statistics for Binghamton University applicant

Books and Publications

* Best Law Schools, The Princeton Review.
* Book of Law School Lists, The - Information on ABA-Approved Law Schools, Edward Stern
and Gerald Wilson
* Career Preparation and Opportunities in International Law - American Bar Association
* Courts on Trial - Myth and Reality in American Justice - Jerome Frank
* Director of Special Programs for Minority Group Members: Career Information
* Skills Banks/ Financial Aid Sources - Willis L. Johnson (1990)
* Employer's Guide to Law Schools - National Association for Law Placement, 1992
* Essays That Worked for Law Schools - Boykin Curry
* Financial Aid for Minorities in Business and Law -Garrett Park Press (1995)
* Financing Aid for Law School: A Preliminary Guide - LSAC (1994-free upon request)

* Financing Your Law School Education - LSAC (1991)
* Full Disclosure - Do You Really Want to Be a Lawyer? - Peterson's
* Getting Into Law School - Strategies for the 90's - Martinson and Waldherr (1992)
* High Citadel, The - The Influence of Harvard Law School - Joel Seligman
* Inside the Law Schools - A Guide by Students for Students - S.F. Goldfarb
* LSAC Questionnaire on Special Law School Programs for Minority Students (March '88)
* LSAC Research Report Series - "An Analysis of Differential Validity and Differential Prediction
for Black, Mexican American, Hispanic, and White Law School Students (June '90)
* Law School Admissions Profiles - Fall Entering Class 1996-97 - Midwest Assn. of PreLaw
* Law School Companion - Paul Lisnek, Steven Friedland & Chris Salamone
* Lawyer in Modern Society, The - Countryman, Finman, & Schneyer
* Lawyering - Helene E. Schwartz
* Legal Career Guide:, The - From Law Student to Lawyer - Munneke
* Majoring in Law - Stefan Underhill
* National Association for Law Placement ERS Sampler Series (Class of 1993)

1. Diversity in the Legal Community: The Search for Opportunity
2. Jobs and Geography: Law Graduates Chart Career Paths
3. New Graduates in Public Service: Profiles of People, Jobs and Pay
4. Starting Salaries: What New Law Graduates Earn

* NAPLA (Northeast Assn. of PreLaw Advisors) Pre-Law Advisor's Guide, Supplement (1996)
* NAPLA Law School Locator (in Pre-Law Guide)
* Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools, The - LSAC/LSAS (1995, 1996, 1997)
* Primer on the Law of Deceptive Practices, A - A Guide for the Businessman - Earl Kintner
* Review of Legal Education in the United States, A - American Bar Association (1994)
* Right Law School For You, The - LSAC/LSAS
* So You Want to Be a Lawyer - A Practical Guide to Law as a Career -LSAC/LSAS
* Thinking About Law School: A Minority Guide - LSAC/LSAS
* Unequal Justice - Lawyers and Social Change in Modern America - Jerold S. Auerbach
* U.S. News and World Report - America's Best Graduate Schools
* Verdicts on Lawyers - Ralph Nader & Mark Green
* What Can You Do With a Law Degree - A Lawyer's Guide to Career Alternatives Inside,
* Outside & Around the Law - Deborah Arron
* Women's Annotated Legal Bibliography - Clark, Boardman
* Your Future as a Legal Assistant - Charles D. Heath


Various study materials from LSAC/LSDAS, Stanley Kaplan, Princeton Review, and others.

Various casebooks, legal texts, law journals and hornbooks.

The Prelaw Library also contains binders of surveys returned by Binghamton grads attending
law school, and binders of information on Financial Aid at various law schools and

Check the statistics on Binghamton grads applying to law school.

Last Updated: 7/25/14