Creative Activities (SP1)

"...engage in path-breaking graduate education, research, scholarship and creative activities that shape the world."


  • Become a Nationally Recognized University for Outstanding Doctoral Education
  • Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Profile to that of a Premier Public University
  • Enrich Collaborative Culture for Research, Scholarship and Creative Production
  • Increase the Transformational Impact of the University’s Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities and Doctoral Education on Society

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Projects in Progress

SP1.1: Develop a Plan for Attaining Membership in the Association of Research Libraries

Attain membership in the Association of Research Libraries to reflect our distinguished collections, services and research resources and to open up avenues for increased funding.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.2: Establish a New College or School in the Life Sciences

Immediately develop a task force to identify the feasibility, potential barriers and resources needed to establish a school of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy to enhance our graduate programs in the life sciences.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.3: Increased Institutional Support for the Interdisciplinary Research

Encourage interdisciplinary research through faculty incentives and centralizing our research facilities.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.4: Industry funded research

Increase industry-funded research based on best practices utilized by other successful industry-funded research institutions.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.5: Library Support for New Programs and Departments

Expand the Library’s collections, monographs, journal and database subscriptions.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.6: Increase the Funds Available for New Faculty Start-up Support

Close the gap between available resources for new faculty start-ups and the actual start-up costs.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.7: Joining the Association of American Universities (AAU)

Run a study comparing Binghamton to the average American Association of Universities member on key metrics and pursue tactics to elevate Binghamton based on those metrics.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.8: Raise the Majority of PhD Programs to the 50th Percentile or Above

Elevate half of our PhD programs measured by Academic Analytics to above national averages, including 1/5 above the 66th percentile and 1/6 above the 75th percentile, by 2016.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.9: Recruit Top Quality PhD Students

Recruit top-quality PhD students through increased graduate assistantship openings, increased incentives for faculty to sponsor research project assistantships and decreased student:faculty ratios in master’s and doctoral-level classes.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.10: Smart-Energy and Health Sciences

Align Binghamton’s existing strengths with grand societal challenges and adopt a strategic investment plan that would propel Binghamton to a leadership role in the areas of smart energy and health sciences; become national centers for smart-energy and health-sciences research.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP1.11: STARS: Strategic Targeted Academic Research Support; Adopt Strategies for Investment to Create Exponential (Non-Linear) Increases in Extramural Funding

Employ the method of targeted cluster faculty hires to rapidly enhance Binghamton’s stature as a research institution and elevate Binghamton’s graduate programs Recruit and retain a national faculty that ensures long-term productivity and a culture of accomplishment, competitive interaction and innovation.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

Last Updated: 9/12/14