Binghamton University’s

Strategic Plan: The Metrics

SP 3 – The premier public university of the 21st century will unite to foster a diverse and Inclusive campus culture

Under Represented Minority (URM) Students

Degree-seeking students (includes NRA and unknown in denominator)

Degree-seeking students (excludes unknown in denominator)

Source: Binghamton University OIRA

Pell Recipients

PELL Recipients (excludes non-degree and part-time students)

Four and Six year Graduation Rates URM Students

Source: Binghamton University OIRA

Under Represented Minority (URM) Faculty and Staff

% URM Faculty and Staff

Number of students, staff, faculty who have completed Multicultural Resource Center training and education

Total trainings in past 5 years: 389 trainings (87 faculty/staff and 302 student)

Source: Multicultural Resource Center