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December 31, 2014
Faculty novelist now a best-selling author

Jonathan Cohen
Liz Rosenberg, professor of English, whose latest novel, The Moonlight Palace, soared to the top of the Kindle best-seller list this fall.

Faculty novelist now a best-selling author

Liz Rosenberg’s latest novel, The Moonlight Palace, enjoyed a period atop the Kindle best-seller charts this fall.

“In terms of publishing, my goal was always to reach as many readers as possible,” says Rosenberg, a Binghamton University author who found her moment on the best-seller list surreal. “I think that ebooks have allowed access to books for people who can’t afford $30 for a hardcover. I love it that books are more affordable now.”

The Moonlight Palace, from Lake Union Publishing, was released in October. Thanks in part to a special “Kindle First” promotion and a 20-city virtual book tour, it reached more than 100,000 readers in the first month of pre-publication.

The book, set in 1920s-era Singapore, is a departure for Rosenberg, better known for two novels set in modern New York state as well as poetry and children’s books.

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