President's Report Masthead
March 31, 2015

Construction update

Lecture Hall Student Wing renovation

Renovation of the Lecture Hall Student Wing began in January. The site is now fenced. Demo has been completed on the third floor and plumbing work is underway in the restrooms. Abatement of the first floor connector link has been completed. Framing and mechanical and electrical rough-ins are now in progress in the connector link. Abatement and demolition is continuing in the basement and is
beginning on the second floor.

Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Most of the steel work has been completed on the Smart Energy Research and Development Facility. Metal decking is underway and in April work will begin on placing concrete slabs. The installation of radiant tubing continues. Coordination work to relocate some utility lines is ongoing. Back-filling work will resume once weather allows. Bid documents are nearly for the next phase of the project which involves constructing the shell and fit out. That work is expected to begin this summer.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The programming and concept design of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is complete. Architects are about halfway through the schematic design process. Later this year, buildings currently on the site will be demolished and design will be finalized.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to enroll is first students in fall 2017, with the building scheduled to open in fall 2018.

Old O’Connor Johnson renovations

Work on the Old Johnson portion of this project was completed in late 2014. Final finishing work is progressing on Old O’Connor. This work includes carpeting, some sheet rocking, ceiling installation and painting. Furniture deliveries will occur in May. Division of Advancement offices, including alumni functions, will relocate to this facility, along with the University Counseling Center, over the summer. Outdoor site work will occur once weather is more favorable. Four classrooms were created as part of the overall project.

Old Champlain renovations

Current work is focused on interior spaces including but not limited to partitions, ceilings, flooring, painting, mechanical and electrical work. Major systems such as mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler have been updated and are currently in place. Exterior work involving roof replacement and landscaping is awaiting more favorable weather conditions to begin advancing.

Science 2 laboratory renovations

Renovation of laboratories on the second floor of the chemistry wing of Science 2 are complete. A total of four labs were renovated. New flooring, heating, ventilation, ceilings, power distribution, data, fume hoods and window repair and restoration was included in the scope of work.