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December 31, 2015

Branding Binghamton University

Who are we? We’ve been known by many names over the past nearly seven decades – Triple Cities College, Harpur College, SUNY-Binghamton, SUNY-B, University Center at Binghamton and Binghamton University to name a few. Trying to establish a brand and an identity isn’t easy.

Yet, with the competitive environment that is higher education, presenting a single, succinct and compelling story is essential for Binghamton University to move forward along its Road Map to Premier.

“To accomplish this, we must create and maintain a single brand identity,” said President Harvey Stenger. “Our brand is a promise of educational excellence, a way for us to connect emotionally with our audience and a means to creating lifelong relationships with our stakeholders.”

The visual aspect of the brand and the consistency of its use are key, said Stenger, and so the University is rolling out a new ‘B’ icon, as well as placing a stronger focus on the guidelines that address the use of the University’s logos, colors, fonts and seal.

“Think about it,” Stenger said. “Think about your name, your visual identity and your nicknames. The word university always comes after the name of a city if the city’s name is part of the school’s name. We’re Binghamton University. And that gets abbreviated to Binghamton, like Syracuse University becomes Syracuse, or even ’cuse.

“Next, it goes to the acronym of BU or SU, but that doesn’t work well for us or for many others. Brown University just goes by Brown, not BU,” he added. “So, the nickname as initials isn’t really that common. Think Cornell, Pitt. If someone asked me, ‘What’s your nickname?” I’d say Binghamton.”

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