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June 1, 2016

Berm project provides new location for graduation tradition

For the first time this spring, graduating seniors were able to take photos in their caps and gowns on the new berm, which was built at the northeast corner of the Peace Quad. The project was made possible thanks to donor support of the Binghamton Fund for Campus Enhancement. Support of the Binghamton Fund provides flexible funding for immediate use, to address a variety of needs across campus. The work included construction of an elevated planting bed that holds the “Binghamton” and “year” signs along with a boulder wall, sidewalks and plants throughout the area.

The old berm was removed due to pedestrian safety concerns. Logistics for Commencement ceremonies each spring also contributed to the decision. The berm had been at the center of the traffic circle for more than two decades. Plantings and flag poles will be added to the traffic circle area to continue the University’s tradition of providing a welcoming entrance to campus.