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September 1, 2016

New responsibilities, title for James Pitarresi

James Pitarresi, formerly associate vice provost with oversight of the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT), has taken on a number of new responsibilities and now holds the title of vice provost and executive director of the CLT.

When he originally moved to the provost’s office, Pitarresi was narrowly focused on the enhancement of the CLT.

“We gave it a fresh look and were provided some resources to support teaching and learning,” he said. “We were able to build a strong team that looked at academic spaces, how they are designed and should function and what technology is used in them.”

That led to other challenges for Pitarresi. “In terms of academic spaces and the tremendous growth of the campus, the pharmacy school design, the redesign of the Student Wing to add classrooms and the Decker School move to Johnson City, we learned we really needed a point person to help bring to bear the teaching and learning side of these spaces,” he said. “Someone to coordinate with Physical Facilities and to design spaces to meet the needs of future learners.”

Pitarresi has also picked up coordination of campus efforts to improve retention and graduation rates and serving as another set of eyes for Vice Provost Donald Loewen on enrollment management issues. “This is a great opportunity for me to understand how the whole process fits together and to communicate it to those involved in student success – advisors, TAs, faculty, the people who really make the difference,” Pitarresi said.

In addition, Pitarresi now oversees Commencement and New Faculty Orientation, and has reporting responsibilities for the Binghamton Scholars, McNair Scholars and collegiate professor programs. “These are very successful programs and provide the opportunity to really integrate our teaching and learning philosophy and message across a broader swath of campus,” he said. “For me, personally, the residential life component is very exciting and we haven’t fully integrated it into our student success and academic success model. I’m happy to play a supporting role in teaching and learning in our communities.

“This is beyond a dream job for me and I get to do things with a great team that has an impact across campus. I couldn’t have scripted this,” Pitarresi said. “My portfolio is now significantly bigger than the narrow focus of getting CLT on track. I view my job as making the provost’s job easier.”