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December 1, 2016
VP to serve as interim president of SUNY Poly

Jonathan Cohen
Bahgat Sammakia, Binghamton University's vice president for research, is serving as interim president of SUNY Polytechnic while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement.

VP to serve as interim president of SUNY Poly

Bahgat Sammakia, vice president for research at Binghamton University, has been appointed interim president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Sammakia, a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering, is director of Binghamton’s Center of Excellence in small scale systems integration and packaging. He anticipates returning to Binghamton in about a year. 

Binghamton University’s senior officers group endorsed the following plan for the Division of Research during the time that Sammakia is on leave: 

1. Paul Parker will assume the title of Officer in Charge and take the daily management responsibilities of the vice president of research.

2. Each member of the Division of Research senior management team (Paul Parker, Mary Beth Curtin, Per Stromhaug, Steve Czarnecki, Lisa Gilroy, Rachel Coker, Nancy Lewis, Kim Kal-Downs and Terry Kane) will assume the responsibility for making independent decisions regarding their areas of responsibility.

3. In addition, each will assume the role that Sammakia would take in their areas of responsibility during this interim period. New performance programs and job descriptions for each of these employees will be approved and in place by the end of the fall semester.

4. If difficulty arises, individuals will seek guidance from Paul Parker and/or President Harvey Stenger, depending on the issue.

5. Each individual may be asked to represent Binghamton University at outside meetings that Sammakia would normally attend. 

6. This plan will be reviewed at the end of each quarter during Sammakia’s interim appointment.