President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2012

Goals and Objectives 2012-2013


    •  Fulfill commitments of NY SUNY 2020 and the Road Map by raising overall enrollment by 500 students while maintaining academic quality of students and increasing the diversity of our student body, including an increase in international students.

    •  Consistent with the Road Map’s emphasis on increasing graduate enrollment, implement Year 1 of the Graduate Growth Initiative, which is designed to create/expand career-directed masters programs, while identifying up to five additional masters programs for investment.

Faculty Recruitment

    •  Support Road Map goals of decreasing Binghamton’s student-faculty ratio by hiring 45 new tenure track faculty members and achieving a net gain in tenure track faculty of 30.

    •  In line with the Road Map’s goal of becoming the premier public university of the 21st century, increase research strength by hiring faculty in different schools and departments who are part of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research clusters.

    •  To support the Road Map’s emphasis on promoting diversity, develop a plan to increase faculty diversity.

    •  Develop a plan to increase graduate enrollment, research activity, and external funding in medical and health-related areas.

Student Success

    •  Support the Road Map’s emphasis on student success by increasing the number of summer research fellowships for undergraduates to 12 in 2013 and developing a plan to have at least 25 fellowships by 2016.

    •  Develop new graduate student fellowships that will help Binghamton University recruit the top PhD students it admits, consistent with the Road Map’s goal of strengthening research and creative work and positioning Binghamton to become the premier public university of the 21st century.

    •  Support the Road Map’s goal of building a unique brand for Binghamton by collaborating with the Division of Student Affairs to strengthen our unique residential college system by encouraging more faculty members to participate in substantive ways in the life of the residential colleges.

    •  To advance the Road Map’s goal of increasing student success, implement and assess Phase 1 of the freshman mentoring program which is designed to connect at least 900 first-year students with faculty mentors.