President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2012

Goals and Objectives 2012-2013

1. Fulfill commitments made in the NY SUNY 2020 plan by:
    •  Designing and constructing the Energy Smart Building on time and within budget.
    •  Administer program revenue and expenses to ensure funds are generated and applied in accordance with the plan.

2. Evaluate and develop strategies to improve the University Business System for implementation July 1, 2013.

3. To assist with the NY SUNY 2020 hiring plan and the Road Map goal of the University premier status, enhance the University’s employee recruitment and hiring processes, and develop and implement a supervisory training process specifically designed to assist staff to be prepared for promotional opportunities.

4. Develop Departmental Emergency Response Plans for six critical campus operations.

5. Evaluate University technology infrastructure and training program to ensure they are adequate to meet the academic demands to support the Road Map Advancing Learning and Creative Activities and Research initiatives.

6. Carry out the campus Critical Maintenance and Strategic Initiative Capital Plans on time and within budget:
    •  Over 125 Critical Maintenance Projects - Design and Construction
    •  Dickinson Community Resident Hall Project - Construction
    •  Center for Excellence - Construction
    •  University Union-Phase II and III - Construction
    •  Energy Smart Building - Design
    •  O’Connor/Johnson Renovations - Design/Construction
    •  Science Complex - Design

7. Assist operations to identify and develop new funding streams for the University to provide non-State support resources for Road Map inspired programs. 

8. Implement the energy and sustainability projects specified as part of the campus climate commitment. Projects will include improved handling of bio-mass fuels, reduce trash tonnage in the dining halls, and development of a Green Office Certification Program.