President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2012

Goals and Objectives 2012-2013

Advancing Learning / Student Success
  •  Foster a program with a strong emphasis on academic, athletic, and social integrity.
  •  Continue to increase the academic performance of student-athletes by enhancing recruiting strategies, implementing a learning specialist, and further developing life skills program.
  •  Strive to attain a cum GPA of 3.15 for the 2012-13 academic year.  Increase team and departmental NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) while improving standing in America East Academic Cup.

Rankings and Reputation
  •  Improve athletic performance standing in America East Commissioners Cup and Division I Learfield Sports Directors Cup (comprised of all Division I).

Philanthropy / Community Engagement
  •  Identify and cultivate new prospects and create strategies to better engage the student-athlete alumni base.
  •  Develop new corporate sponsorship opportunities.
  •  Enhance the annual giving program.
  •  Expand ticket marketing and e-commerce.

  •  Enhance the NCAA Compliance program by increasing rules educational sessions for coaches and staff, and implementing a new department-wide software tracking database to monitor all communications, evaluations, and contacts with prospective student-athletes.
  •  Evaluate current budgeting allocations including the identification of cost-containment strategies, reallocation of existing resources where appropriate, and the development of a forecasting model to assess needs over a five-year period.
  •  Upgrade website operations with a focus on improved content and delivery as well as video streaming capabilities.
  •  Implement new sports administration structure to better support, evaluate, and direct team operations and student-athlete welfare.
  •  Begin development of five-year athletic strategic plan in concert with University Road Map.