President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2012

Information Technology Services (ITS) activities

Systems enhancements

    •  Upgraded Banner, ODS (Operational Data Store), Omni Update Test System, Echo360, Pinnacle
    •  Implemented Time Payment Plan for student fees
    •  Developed and posted an online service catalog for easier location of ITS services
    •  Continued work on several projects for new/enhanced systems such as Degree Works (replacement of DARS), BRM (replacement of Recruitment Plus), Identity Management, Advising and Mentoring, Liberal Arts to Careers Externships and Tutoring management

Learning area enhancements

    •  Classroom and building educational technology equipment upgrades:
      o Renovated L-H7, LH-10, SW-305, SW-307 (classrooms)
      o Renovated S2-103, AA-365, AA-370, East Campus Housing Commons area, President’s Conference Room
    •  Pods and Information Commons Areas:
      o Replaced 110 older Pod PCs
      o Upgraded to faster public printers in Pods
      o Reinstalled Information Commons area in UDC
      o Installed virtual desktop lab for grad students in School of Education

Network upgrades

    •  Increased Internet bandwidth capacity from 700 Megabits/s to 1 Gigabit/s
    •  Converted wireless network to full encryption and eliminated Campus Manager verification process
    •  Installed wiring to extend wireless network coverage to athletic fields
    •  Replaced all central networking switches for enhanced performance

Equipment and facilities upgrades

    •  Continue installing wiring in several East Campus Housing Project buildings and several smaller projects
    •  Replaced all basement wiring and underground cable for UDC reopening
    •  Upgraded Blackboard test servers
    •  Installed new servers and disk arrays for Banner production, ODS production, campus security camera system, VMWare environment
    •  Relocated Blackboard test servers and tape robot to improve disaster recovery options