President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2012

Graduate Growth Initiative

Binghamton University’s plans for growth in student enrollment are not focused solely on undergraduates and include a key initiative to attract graduate students to campus.

The Graduate Growth Initiative seeks to increase the numbers and quality of graduate students over the next five years by developing new and strengthening existing career-directed master’s-level programs. As a start, President Harvey Stenger put out a call out for proposals in May, and the Division of Academic Affairs is providing up-front funding for five of the eleven proposals received.

Under the plans, the master’s program in biomedical anthropology will double its enrollment; a new cybersecurity master’s program between computer science and electrical engineering will be developed; the master’s in accounting will add a track in tax accounting; a master’s in health systems that builds on the systems science and industrial engineering track in health systems engineering will be developed; and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering, called power systems, will grow by several dozen students.

“All of these programs have great promise for success,” said Nieman. “They tie into some of our strongest academic programs and will help students enter satisfying careers. We anticipate that many master’s students in these programs will stay at Binghamton for their PhD.”

All of the funded programs have support from the deans, and will also be tracked and evaluated, said Nieman. “I believe all of these programs will deliver, and we’ll have another round of funding for next year.”