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March 31, 2013

Winter Session

Binghamton University’s robust online offerings in the Winter and Summer Sessions continue to help students take advantage of the entire year to make progress toward their degrees. Over 1,200 students took courses during the January 2013 Winter Session—84 percent of them through distance learning courses.

The 2013 Winter Session featured a number of interesting and innovative courses across a wide cross-section of schools and departments, including HARP 300, Current Issues in Legal Practice, a one-credit course that met in Manhattan and provided a unique opportunity for students to learn about current issues and a variety of legal practices through interaction with very successful Binghamton University law alumni in the NY metro area.

Students took Winter Session courses to improve professional skills, such as CDCI 200, Bridging Academics to Careers; CS 495, Professional Ethics and Communication; and GRD 671, Instructional Design Basics. Other courses focused on timely issues such as NURS 335D/581J, Forensic Pediatrics, which addressed situations in which children and adolescents are victims and/or perpetrators of violence, and PLSC 382T, US National Security Law, which examined the procedural and substantive requirements of surveillance operations, enemy combatant detentions and the use of force abroad as established through executive orders, acts of Congress and federal jurisprudence.

“Since its inception in 2005, the Winter Session has become an invaluable resource for Binghamton University students,” said Murnal Abate, assistant director for Summer/Winter Session, Continuing Education & Outreach. “Faculty and departments have worked tirelessly over the years to help build an educational experience that embodies Binghamton University’s reputation for quality and innovation.”