President's Report Masthead
June 30, 2013


The Division of Student Affairs and the Student Association launched the integration of their student involvement databases on May 3. Now called B-Engaged, the merged database replaces both PAWS and B-Involved and is fully integrated to allow students to generate an involvement transcript that records in one place all of their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as internships, on-campus employment and experiential learning activities.

B-Engaged is unique in the extent to which much of the information is automatically loaded into the record without the student having to manually enter the data. Over 80 percent of students already have records in B-Engaged. In addition to serving students’ needs by permitting the easy production of a comprehensive co-curricular transcript, B-Engaged will better serve the business and communication needs of both the University and the Student Association and will allow the University to track and report the full extent of our students’ involvement on campus and in our community.