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March 31, 2014
Initiative to turn freshmen into researchers

Jonathan Cohen
Christopher Bishop, associate professor of psychology, will lead the neuroscience sequence of the Freshman Research Immersion program.

Initiative to turn freshmen into researchers

This fall, nearly 100 freshmen will join a new initiative aimed at introducing undergraduates to research from the time they arrive at Binghamton University.

The Freshmen Research Immersion program will provide training in research methods and introduce students to important concepts and laboratory techniques. When it begins, students will choose one of three focus areas: biofilms, neuroscience or smart energy.

“What we’re going to offer students through the Freshmen Research Immersion is a deeper educational experience that’s going to get them beyond textbook knowledge and help them learn about the excitement of discovery,” Provost Donald Nieman said. “They will get out of this process a myriad of skills.”

Nancy Stamp, professor of biology, has led the effort to develop the program and seek grant funding to support it. She envisions a three-semester sequence, beginning with a research methods course in the fall of freshman year, followed by two specialized courses in the freshman spring semester and sophomore fall semester. Some students may participate in a summer fellowship between freshman and sophomore years.

Christopher Bishop, associate professor of psychology, will lead a sequence focused on neuroscience. “The long-term objective is to transform the STEM experience for our students,” he said.

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