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March 31, 2014

Road Map budget process for 2015-16

Provost Donald Nieman announced a call for proposals for funding to support projects to begin in the 2015-16 academic year that will advance one or more of the five strategic priorities identified in the Road Map.

“While we do not yet know the total amount of funding available,” Nieman explained, “we believe that we will have resources to invest in projects that will help the campus make important strides toward our goal: becoming the premier public university in the United States.”

The call for proposals is an opportunity for deans, departments, Road Map Steering Committee teams and individuals to suggest investments that will help the campus achieve the ambitious objectives outlined in the Road Map. “By casting the net broadly,” President Harvey Stenger said, “we believe that we will be able to draw on the valuable insights of dedicated faculty, staff, administrators and students to make investments that will move the campus forward in significant ways.”

Proposals will be accepted for projects that require one-time or continuing support, including non-faculty personnel, graduate students, equipment and OTPS (other than personal services). Because there is a separate process for requesting faculty positions, requests for faculty lines will not be considered through this process.

Some flexibility was recently put into place for those working on proposals. The original deadline of Monday, April 7 has been extended to Thursday, May 1. Proposals will be reviewed and assigned to vice presidents on a rolling basis as they come in and until May 1. Those wishing to submit proposals are encouraged to do so as early in the process as possible.

All proposal requests are to be submitted online.

The Road Map Steering Committee, Faculty Senate Budget Committee and the vice presidents will review proposals. Final decisions on funding will be announced in July 2014, with funding for successful projects available for use on July 1, 2015.