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June 30, 2014

B-Online tutorials one example of instructional design

For those who have never taken a course online, it’s different. But the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) understands how online instruction and learning can differ from what takes place in a traditional classroom, so has created B-Online.

An online learning immersion experience, B-Online was developed by Binghamton University instructional designer Eric Machan Howd to demonstrate to students and faculty alike what it’s like to take – and be successful in – an online course taken through Blackboard Learn at Binghamton.

Howd recently joined the CLT staff as an instructional designer, working to develop instruction and teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative way. These learning experiences take into consideration the audience, environment, course objectives and content, available technologies and best practices.

B-Online is a perfect example of how instructional design can improve a student’s learning experience.

“For those who are already registered for an online course, it will give them tips on how to be successful in this type of learning environment and the ability to practice a lot of the tools Blackboard has,” Howd said. “And for those just interested but not yet registered for any online courses, they’ll get a lot of the same and satisfy their curiously before they register.”

Howd developed this immersion experience based on his experience training faculty for the past several years. It will be modified as needed through feedback from instructors and students, he said.

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