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September 30, 2014

Challenge program utilizes Ropes Course

Kishan Zuber on high elements portion of the Ropes Course.
Jonathan Cohen
Kishan Zuber, assistant dean of the Graduate School, crosses the multi-vine section of the new High Elements course located in the woods near Newing College.

A grand opening for the Ropes Course was held during Rec Fest, including a raffle for a zip line ride.

The Challenge Program
b uses the Ropes Course to provide a unique opportunity for small groups to grow holistically by prompting physical, mental and social prowess to solve or achieve a solution to a problem presented by an element.

Challenge programming teaches participants about risk taking, personal perceived limits, performance under pressure, giving and receiving support and how collaboration can help individuals achieve more than they thought they could accomplish.

Every program is based on the needs of a particular group or organization. Our mission is to provide empowering experiences that offer transferable skills and sustainable processes that can enhance communication, motivate performance and improve working relationships.

A day with the Challenge Program will be uniquely tailored to fit your group’s needs. It can last between 3 to 8 hours as facilitators guide your group through experiential activities and then assist in reflection on the process to glean important outcomes for individual and group improvement. These activities can include games, problem-solving exercises and group challenges on low and high elements. Expect to be active, involved and challenged!