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March 1, 2017

Binghamton University Dining Services manages during Winter Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella caused the University to cancel classes and Broome County to ban travel for two consecutive days (March 14 and 15). Binghamton University Dining Services managed to continue to feed students during that time by switching to emergency mode. Some dining locations were closed, limited options were offered at times and resources – including staff – were utilized where needed to maintain operations as efficiently as possible.

Some of the actions taken by Sodexo included: 
• serving 21,137 meals over the two-day period.
• arranging for motel rooms for 41 employees who were unable to travel between home and campus during the storm.
• switching priority to resident dining-only due to short staffing. (Many employees rely on public transportation, which was not operating after 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 14.)

Here are some things Sodexo learned during the storm:

• Cafeteria trays make great sleds and are also handy when shoveling out cars.
• You can’t plan on everything and need to be flexible and think on your feet, often making field decisions at a moment’s notice.
• Student volunteers to help with unskilled positions were a huge help and great line servers in place of cooks.