President's Report Masthead
March 1, 2017

Kudos to Physical Facilities

Physical Facilities staff played a major role in clearing the campus of snow during Winter Storm Stella that inundated the Binghamton area with three feet of snow March 14 and 15. Grounds staff began at 3 a.m. Tuesday, March 14 and worked through 5 p.m. and later that day to clear snow. All reported back again at 3 a.m. Wednesday, March 15, and again worked until 5 p.m.

With classes canceled and only essential employees reporting to work, priorities were to:

• Maintain access to main campus roads for fire/emergency access (75 fire hydrants were dug out).
• Clear pedestrian paths in residential communities and to open dining halls and Decker Student Health Services Center (about 300 tons of salt was used).
• Clear commuter lots.

Throughout the immediate effort, over 35 vehicles were used to clear roadways, service drives and walkways. In total, about 250 employees were involved in snow-removal tasks as follows:

• Plowing crews were supplemented with custodial staff using snow blowers and shovels.
• All custodial staff were part of the effort; all shifts came in early and stayed late.
• Members of carpentry, plumbing, preventative maintenance, dorm maintenance, second-shift maintenance and management staff were on snow removal duties.
• Contracted services were used for snow removal in targeted large parking lots.
• On Saturday, March 18, the National Guard assisted with removing 80 to 100 truckloads of snow off campus from larger lots and residential lots that were cleared after students moved vehicles.
• For the two days of the storm, the campus totaled almost 21,000 hours in overtime and the cost of the effort is estimated at $200,000.