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Psychology Newsletter Cover

The Psychology Newsletter for Spring 2013 (.PDF, 690 KB) covers updates for the Science IV and V Buildings, profiles some of our faculty and alumni (both Graduate & Undergraduate), and highlights our Honors students and awards winners from 2012.


Graduate Students

Michelle Accardi Clinical Psychology Lynn
Karen Aizaga Clinical Psychology Johnson
Jessica Baltman Clinical Psychology Coles
Michael Bobal Behavioral Neuroscience Savage
Amanda Borrow Behavioral Neuroscience Cameron
Davis Brigman Clinical Psychology Johnson
Katie Burkhouse Clinical Psychology Gibb
Mark Celio Clinical Psychology Lisman
Colleen Cleere Clinical Psychology Lynn
Nolan Conaway Cognitive Psychology Kurtz
Liam Condon Clinical Psychology Lynn
Melissa Conti Behavioral Neuroscience Di Lorenzo
Donna Crossman Clinical Psychology Donovick
Emily Cumming-Johnson Clinical Psychology Coles
Carol Dannenhoffer Behavioral Neuroscience L. Spear
Amanda (Symons) Deming Clinical Psychology Lynn
Alexander Denman-Brice Behavioral Neuroscience Di Lorenzo
Olga Escanilla Behavioral Neuroscience Di Lorenzo
Lauren Fishbein Clinical Psychology Romanczyk
Hayley Fivecoat Clinical Psychology Johnson
Jesse Flint Cognitive Psychology Pastore
Julie Gregg Cognitive Psychology Inhoff
Danielle Gunraj Cognitive Psychology Connine
Joseph Hall Behavioral Neuroscience Savage
Andrea Hanley Clinical Psychology Gibb
Natalie Hansen Cognitive Psychology Connine
Daniel Hipp Cognitive Psychology Gerhardstein
Garrett Honke Cognitive Psychology Kurtz
Laura Johnson Clinical Psychology Gillis-Mattson
Heather Johnsson Clinical Psychology Lenzenweger
Negin Khalifian  Cognitive Psychology Laszlo 
Yelina Khvatskaya  Clinical Psychology Lenzenweger 
Esther Kim Behavioral Neuroscience L. Spear
Paul Knowlton Clinical Psychology Levis
Anastacia Kudinova  Clinical Psychology Gibb 
Karl Kuntzelman  Cognitive Psychology Van Petten
Marissa Langett Behavioral Neuroscience Cameron
Meredith Lanska Cognitive Psychology Westerman
Peter Lemons  Clinical Psychology Lynn
David Lindenbach  Behavioral Neuroscience Bishop
Dennis Lovelock  Behavioral Neuroscience Sabeti
Anne Malaktaris  Clinical Psychology Lynn 
Reed Maxwell  Clinical Psychology Lynn
Alexander McClory Behavioral Neuroscience L. Spear 
Jared McShall Clinical Psychology Johnson
Tarah Midy  Clinical Psychology Johnson 
Gonzalo Miguez Cognitive Psychology Westerman
Dafne Milne  Clinical Psychology Lenzenweger 
Lindsay Morra Clinical Psychology Strauss
Jacob Nota  Clinical Psychology  Coles
Elise Ocelnik Clinical Psychology Levis
Anny Okrainets Behavioral Neuroscience Deak 
Justin Olds Cognitive Psychology VanPetten
Sarah Olsen Cognitive Psychology Connine
Edwin Ortiz Clinical Psychology Mattson
John Patterson Cognitive Psychology Kurtz
Cody Polack Cognitive Psychology Miller
Daniel Popoola  Behavioral Neuroscience Cameron
Ariel Ravid  Clinical Psychology Coles 
Jessica (Sweatt) Saalfield Behavioral Neuroscience L. Spear
Elizabeth Sacchi Cognitive Psychology Laszlo
Stanislav Sajin Cognitive Psychology Connine
Jessica Santerre Cognitive Psychology Westerman
Megan Savage Clinical Psychology Lenzenweger
Jessica Schubert Clinical Psychology  Coles 
Bradley Seymour Cognitive Psychology Inhoff
Elizabeth Soehngen Behavioral Neuroscience Cameron
William Stewart  Behavioral Neuroscience Sabeti 
Sara Sullivan Clinical Psychology Strauss
Diane (Patterson) Thornhill Cognitive Psychology Miller
Laura Turner Clinical Psychology Romanczyk
Sri Siddhi Upadhyay Cognitive Psychology Klin
Julie Usala Clinical Psychology Lisman
Alexandra Vizgaitis Clinical Psychology Lenzenweger
Michael (Goldman) Weiss Behavioral Neuroscience Di Lorenzo
Jenna Wellington Behavioral Neuroscience Westerman
Kayla Whearty Clinical Psychology Strauss
Amanda Willey Behavioral Neuroscience L. Spear
Kaylie Wiseman Clinical Psychology Romanczyk
Mary Woody Clinical Psychology Gibb
Diana Zamora Clinical Psychology Donovick
Linda Zhang Clinical Psychology Coles
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Last Updated: 9/30/13