Komla Dzigbede

Assistant professor

(607) 777-9260
University Downtown Center, Room 345
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Komla Dzigbede focuses his research on public sector financial management in developed and developing countries. His research addresses questions related to municipal bond issuance and trading, state and local financing, and international development management. He is currently examining debt refinancing strategies in U.S. school districts and exploring the links between strategic financial leadership and educational outcomes. He is also investigating municipal debt management networks to understand how the structure of networks affects state and local government borrowing costs. Dr. Dzigbede has published several articles on public sector management and has taught courses in public budgeting and finance and applied statistics. He has extensive experience in the international public sector, having worked for several years as an economist at the Central Bank of Ghana. He received his bachelors and master’s degrees in economics from the University of Ghana and his PhD in Public Policy from Georgia State University.

Educational Background

  • PhD, Public Policy, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University
  • MPhil, Economics, University of Ghana
  • BA, Economics, University of Ghana

Recent Courses as Instructor

  • Public and Nonprofit Budgeting and Finance
  • Research Design and Methods

Current Research Interests

  • School district financial management and leadership
  • State and local government debt issuance
  • Municipal securities trading
  • International development management

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dzigbede, K. D. (2016). Understanding Québec’s Strategic Choices in Domestic and Foreign Debt Markets. Quebec Studies, (Supplemental Issue), 77-95.

Dzigbede, K. D. (2016). Whither Are We Bound? New Insights on American Economic Policymaking. Policy Studies Journal44(S1), S14-S27.

Dzigbede, K. D. (2014). What Brings China to Africa? An Analysis of Market Size, Natural Resources Endowment and Macroeconomic Risk.Journal of African Development16(2), 103-120.



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