Active Alert: 8:30 am classes canceled today

B-ALERT:Due to weather, all 8:30 am classes are canceled today, Jan. 24. Classes will begin at 10:05 am. Employees expected to report as usual but to use discretion. OCCT bus runs begin at 8 am.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:59 AM


Nancy Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Assistant Vice President
(607) 777-3532

Nancy Lewis oversees all aspects of compliance related to research, including human subjects protection; animal care and use; research involving radiation, biohazards and other controlled substances; financial conflict of interest; responsible conduct of research; export controls; research misconduct allegation inquiries and the policies guiding these areas. She ensures the University is in compliance with federal, state and agency regulations related to the University's research activities, including the implementation of education and training programs for faculty, staff and students in all areas of research compliance.

Diane Paukett
Diane Paukett
Occupational Health Specialist
(607) 777-4610

Diane Paukett is involved in developing and implementing a program of occupational health and safety for all individuals with substantial contact with live vertebrate animals used in teaching, training, testing or research. Paukett is a physician with experience and training in occupational health.

Abigail McConnell
Abigail McConnell
Research Compliance Coordinator
(607) 777-4664

Abigail McConnell supports the assistant vice president for research compliance and the Office of Research Compliance within the Division of Research in areas of institutional biosafety; conflict of interest management; stem cell research; radiation safety; export controls; responsible conduct of research training support; and documentation management in response to federal, state and agency requirements for research compliance.

Last Updated: 1/5/17