Advanced Material Analytics LLC

Advanced Material Analytics LLC (AMA) is a research and manufacturing firm, focused in developing scientific analytical equipment, that are used for testing "materials/products" for characteristic properties like porosity, pore-size measurement, permeability, air flow resistance for acoustic materials, water vapor transmission rate and similar characteristic properties. To understand the performance of any material, the knowledge of structure & characteristics of pores of the material is crucial. AMA is continuously improving its accuracy & reproducability to provide cutting edge testing equipment. We offer a wide range of products and technologies to test materials with testing conditions as close as the real-life application. From multiple test capabilities for high production facilities, to 3 dimenstional test capability, to integrating complex statistical analytics tools, our innovative and unique solutions have been assisting industry to solve their existing & upcoming challenges. When investing in AMA's measurement products and solutions, you are receiving the best technology, reliability, and service in the business.



Synergy Between Company and University Creates Growth For Tech Start-Up
The Research Foundation - 10/14/15

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