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BioElectronics Corporation, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, USA, is the leading company in the field on non-invasive electroceutical medical devices. The devices are used to treat acute and chronic pain as well as to promote wound healing. The BioElectronics' technology is a pioneering advancement of pulsed shortwave therapy. Traditional pulsed shortwave therapies are clinically proven, effective, safe and have been used for decades by physicians and physiotherapists but are large devices for hospital or outpatient use. Advances in microelectronics have made it possible to deliver clinically proven pulsed shortwave therapy in a small, wearable and economical medical device. BioElectronics' devices provide superior extended duration treatments and hospital and safe home use therapy to help self-management of pain and lower the cost of care. The devices do not produce heat or, a tingling sensation, which occurs with the use of TENS. Many of the clinical trials have been published in high ranking peer reviewed journals, for example, a plantar fasciitis heel pain clinical study was published in the respected journal; The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.


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Dr. Sree Koneru
Director of Electroceutical Research


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August 4, 2015

BioElectronics Corporation, the maker of drug-free over-the-counter ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Therapy medical devices, announced today that its registry study of 44,000 users of its ActiPatch 7-day trial device has been published in the prominent peer reviewed medical journal Pain Management.  

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