Callsign is a cybersecurity company that provides a platform to eliminate the need for passwords to access services, systems, applications, and networks. The system provides a frictionless user experience that assures the identity of the user in a highly secure multi-layered, multi-factored approach. Callsign is an international company with engineering and sales teams in London, and Boston today. As we begin delivering our solutions to major financial institutions in the major money center locations, we need to continue to increase our research and development activities in the areas of biometrics which we will be partnering with Binghamton University on, as well as build out our customer services, support and integration capabilities. Callsign also plans to partner with the Energy Smart Electronic Systems program for data centers where the Callsign Platform will reside. Callsign's primary competitors are companies such as RSA Security, and Symantec who are located in Massachusetts and California.



Callsign is working with Deutsche Bank on a new antifraud technology!

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Last Updated: 8/10/16