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Gyro Heat Technologies has developed its patent-pending technology for gas burners.  They Gyro-Therm burner is available to provide delicate evenly distributed heat unparalled by other technologies.  Furthermore, the Gyro-Therm burner creates electricity when in use.  


Gyro Heat Technologies Gyro Therm Burner 2015


Gyro Heat Tech



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Heating Things Up With Grants for Growth

Published 11/3/15 by Tony Kershaw

Eric Krohn, the CEO and founder of Gyro Heat Technologies is one of many budding entrepreneurs in Upstate NY who has taken advantage of the Grants for Growth program, a Tech Garden resource focused on tech transfer projects. Learn more about Eric, Gyro Heat Technologies, and Grants for Growth below.


Gyro Heat Technologies Gyro Therm Burner 2015

Published 10/26/15

Gyro Heat's next generation prototype - Gyro-Therm V.2


Rotating Flame Saves Energy 9/9/15

Eric Krohn of Gyro Heat Technologies designs a rotating gas burner that distributes heat evenly and converts any unused heat into electricity.


Gyro Heat's First Prototype

Published March 25, 2015 

Gyro Heat's first prototype, narrated by famous artist, Paul Gordon.


Binghamton man invents rotating gas burner

Pressconnects 2/27/15

Eric Krohn, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, is now the CEO and founder of Gyro Heat Technologies.


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