Healthcare Providers and payers increase profitability and get recognized for superior quality with low rate of avoidable admissions using Shaefa. They reduce the number of costly avoidable admissions by optimally using their resources to follow up with only those patients identified with our technology as being at high risk of hospitalization. University researchers developed this very accurate prediction tool by collaborating with healthcare facilities.

Our customers are under intense financial pressure.  Payers pay billions of dollars for avoidable admissions. According to data from the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA), the estimated annual cost of avoidable readmissions for Medicare is $17 billion.  Hospitals pay steep penalties levied by Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services for avoidable readmissions above the national average. Capitated healthcare facilities are struggling to keep their cost under their capitated earnings.  Through a combination of out-of-the-box technology and services, we deliver the most easy to use, population-specific, highly accurate methodology for predicting a patient’s risk of being hospitalized.


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  • Rajib Akhter

Last Updated: 10/18/16