Two Binghamton graduates

Area Recognition Ceremonies

Congratulations on completing your degree! We invite you and your guests to celebrate your academic accomplishments at a small, intimate recognition ceremony.  Come back to where it all began, and join your room/suite/floor/building/community-mates to celebrate this special occasion and capture lasting memories with prime photo opportunities.

Time, locations and RSVP

All ceremonies will be held from 5-7 p.m. Friday, May 15. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Apartment (Hillside and Susquehanna) — Hillside Commons
    to RSVP:  The Apartments
  • College-in-the-Woods — CIW quad
    to RSVP:  College-in-the-Woods
  • Dickinson — Dickinson fireplace lounge, C4
    to RSVP:  Dickinson
  • Hinman — Upper Hinman dining hall
    to RSVP:  Hinman
  • Mountainview — Appalachian dining hall
    to RSVP:  Mountainview
  • Newing — C4 multipurpose room
    to RSVP:  Newing

Last Updated: 2/2/15