Seneca Hall is the place to be! Seneca residents love the color red and our mascot, a beaver. Home to 245 residents, Seneca is the 2012 Woods Olympics and 2012 Co-Rec Champions. Community is important to us and the residents of Seneca are active and engaged in our community!

Meet the Seneca Hall Staff

Seneca Staff2015-2016 Seneca Hall Staff


Natona Davi
Natona Davi – Resident Director

Jayme Bergman
Jayme Bergman – Resident Assistant 5M2

George Karounos
George Karounos – Resident Assistant 1U

Jennifer Lore-Ayala
Jennifer Lore-Ayala – Resident Assistant 4A1

Ryan Miske
Ryan Miske – Resident Assistant 3A2

Linda Morales
Linda Morales – Resident Assistant 2A2

Tyler Roosa
Tyler Roosa – Resident Assistant 3M2

Matt Wersebe
Matt Wersebe – Resident Assistant 5A2

Jesse Wong
Jesse Wong – Resident Assistant 2M2

Su Zor
Su Zor – Resident Assistant 4M2

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Seneca Hall Council 2015 - 2016

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Last Updated: 9/1/15