Faculty Fellows

CIW Faculty Fellows are Binghamton University (BU) Faculty or Staff that have expressed an interest in enhancing the CIW Resident's experience here at BU.  CIW fellows are not only supportive of CIW residents on an individual basis but also are willing to attend and host programs and services in the CIW Community.  So please feel free to reach out to our Fellows that are here for you!

Tom Blake Picture

Tom Blake
Computing Services

Manas Chatterji Picture

Manas Chatterji
School of Management

Rene Coderre Picture

David Clark
Political Science

Michael Conlon Picture

Rene Coderre
Residential Life

No Picture Image

Mike Conlon


Charles Goodman

 No Picture Image

Eileen Head
Computer Science

Bill Isbell

Bill Isbell

  Wayne Jones Picture

Wayne Jones


Celia Klin
Psychology and Harpur College


Gerald Loy
School of Management

Roni O'Geen Picture

Roni O'Geen
Center for Innovative
and Continuing Education


Rob Parkinson

Dora Polachek Picture

Dora Polachek
Romance Languages

Sarah Seeley Picture

Sarah Seeley
Anthropology Graduate
Student & WRIT 111 Instructor


Diane Sommerville


Kelli Smith
Fleishman Center

Al Tricomi Picture

Al Tricomi

 Pat Wrobel Picture

Pat Wrobel
International Undergraduate
Student Recruiter


Last Updated: 9/29/16