Advanced Leadership Certificate

Upon successful completion of the general leadership certificate, students have the opportunity to participate in this series created specifically to enhance one’s understanding of Social Justice and its relationship to Leadership Development.

There are many, many reasons why you should get involved with the Advanced Certificate.

Leadership Group Advanced

Personal Development

Give yourself an opportunity to gain a better perspective of what social justice is at the same time create a hands on experiential learning opportunity to give back to your community.

Help Your Community

Since you are a member of Binghamton, you will have the opportunity to work with small groups to create a project that helps you explore what you have learned in both certificate series and demonstrate your understanding of hands on leadership.

Professional Development

Many employers are looking for college graduates who have leadership experience. A certificate from the series will not only look great on your resume, but you'll have additional experience and knowledge to convey through your interviews.


You will be doing these workshops together with everyone else who participated in the Dickinson Leadership Series, still live in Dickinson Community, and have the ability to work together to complete requirements


Must have completed the Dickinson Leadership Certificate Series

Attend all 5 short workshops as scheduled in the acceptance letter - topics include:

  • What is Social Justice
  • Creating an Inclusive Community
  • Making Social Change in Leadership
  • Developing Social Needs through Community Service
  • Oppression and Privilege

After each workshop submitting an online journal of 500 words each reflecting on what you learned and how you can apply it to what you are doing.

Read articles handed out during class and reflect within class discussions and submit a 3- 5 page reflection paper on what you learned from the articles (inclusive).

Participate in a class created Experiential Education created by class members.
Write a 3-5 page reflection paper on the Experiential Education.

Upon completion, you will be recognized as the graduating class of Dickinson's Leadership Certificate Program, receive a certificate, as well as be recognized at a intimate graduation ceremony upon completion of the program.

Last Updated: 8/21/15