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Dickinson Business Development/Entrepreneurship Learning Community

With the opening of the new Dickinson buildings in Fall 2013, one neighborhood (1/3 of a floor) will be designated as a special-interest housing module for students interested in business development and/or entrepreneurship.  Both returning and new students must follow an application process and be selected to live in this new module.  New students will be sent a link to this application form after indicating interest in their on-line housing application.  The module will be student governed (including naming of the module) but will have a faculty advisor and specially selected Resident Advisor (RA).  Residents will register for one course in the Spring semester and will participate in business plan development projects and competitions.  The module should be designated as a "business incubator" so that companies or assets developed by the residents remain owned by them.


Floor plan for Business moduleThe "neighborhood" comprising the business development/entrepreneurship special interest housing module includes a number of "flats" (suites without a large common area), a shared lounge, and the Resident Assistant's (RA's) room.  To the right is a portion of the new Johnson Hall floor plan including the neighborhood intended for the business development/entrepreneurship module.  The lounge is located at the end of the hall.  Access to this lounge will be limited to residents of this module.

On a typical floor there will be two other neighborhoods, each with its own lounge and RA.  Residents of the business development/entrepreneurship module will interact with other residents on the floor, other residents in the building, and other residents in Dickinson community (four new buildings).  The boundaries between neighborhoods are flexible, allowing this module to expand or contract, as needed, over time.


Flats are suites with a small common area.  In new Dickinson these consist of either two doubles and a single, or four singles, sharing two bathrooms each.  The doorway to the hall may be left open, encouraging interaction with other neighborhood residents, much like the corridor style in the original Dickinson Community.  Inner doors to bedrooms may be closed for privacy or left open for socializing.  The common area is intentionally small so as to encourage residents to congregate in the lounges when not in their rooms.  Having the bathrooms off the common area rather than off the hall allows the privacy students want.

If you have any questions about Dickinson’s business development/entrepreneurship learning community please contact Faculty Master Jeff Barker at or call (607) 777-2826.

Last Updated: 7/18/14