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"Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world – seeing opportunities where others see problems, and knowing when to take calculated risks." - Binghamton University's Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships

ELC is special-interest housing bringing together students from a variety of majors and skill sets, but with the common interest in changing the world.  Students selected to live on ELC live in one neighborhood on the fourth floor of Johnson Hall and can return year after year.  They share a limited-access lounge which serves as their innovation "sandbox".  They start the year with specialized team-building exercises and workshop activities to kick-start them toward their goal: a start-up venture that solves a real problem or serves a need.  ELC members take a 2-semester, 2-credit course (UNIV 280B,C – New Venture Accelerator) taught by Prof. Ken McLeod and aimed toward business plan competitions in the Spring.  ELC hosts guest speakers, either in person or via remote conferencing technology.  They have full access to the services and networking opportunities offered by the University's Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships.

ELC is a relatively young organization, so its activities and accomplishments are accumulating over time.  To learn more about ELC, visit their website: 


If you have any questions about Dickinson’s Entrepreneurship Learning Community please contact Faculty Master,  Kim Jaussi:
(607) 777-2826

Last Updated: 11/16/15