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Living and Learning in Dickinson Community

Dear Students (both newcomers and returners)

In the Dickinson Community, the “original community”, we understand that learning does not stop when you go out of the classroom door. In fact, many of your most formative experiences will take place right here in the residential community. As Collegiate Professor, it is my role to coordinate the Living-Learning aspects of Dickinson Community. This year we have a number of new initiatives and more offerings than in the past. I'm pretty sure you'll find something that appeals to you.

Special Interest Housing

Dickinson is home to two Learning Communities, halls in which students of like interests live together throughout their time at Binghamton University, carry out joint projects and activities and take a course together.

  • CoRE is a collection of new and returning students who live in one neighborhood of O'Connor Hall and share common interests in Computers, Robotics and Engineering (CoRE!). Together we work to promote technological awareness both within ourselves and within our community. We all like the same things and share commons interests, so we can guarantee you will be making friends right away. CoRE members are required to complete a project each year and take a 1-credit course in Spring semester. To live on CoRE you must fill out a separate application form. Note that this precludes roommate or other special housing requests. You will receive instructions via your campus email account. To learn more about CoRE, visit our website: core.binghamton.edu

  • Do you want to change the world? The Entrepreneurship Learning Community (ELC) focuses on developing new and returning students into capable entrepreneurs who create innovative projects and drive social change in our community. Living within one neighborhood of Johnson Hall, members gain the unique opportunity to work together creatively, obtain vital skills and pursue real ventures with like-minded students. Our goal is to create a diverse environment enriched by many different talents and foster the entrepreneurs of the new generation. In their first year, residents of ELC are required to take a 2 semester Introduction to Entrepreneurship course sequence to give them the business tools all entrepreneurs need. Students also have the opportunity to work closely with an Entrepreneur in Residence who provides students with guidance and support in their business ventures. In addition, residents are expected to participate fully in ELC events and activities. To apply to live in ELC you must fill out a separate application form. Note that this precludes roommate or other special housing requests. You will receive instructions via your campus email account.

Dickinson-only Courses

For Fall 2015 we will offer several sections of courses open only to students living in Dickinson Community. Most are held in classrooms within the residence halls. The students in these courses all live nearby, eat in the same dining hall, participate in the same community events, etc. This makes it easy to form study groups among Dickinson friends in the same course section. Each of these courses satisfies General Education requirements (* see below). The Fall 2015 Dickinson Learning Community courses are:

For new and returning students:

  • ASTR 114 - Sun, Stars and Galaxies, lecture section 92 (26531), TR 4:25-5:50. This is a live-stream of Prof. Chris Taylor's lecture from LH-1, viewed in O'Connor Hall room 125.  An undergrad TA will facilitate discussions and quizzes. For exams students may have to go to the Lecture Hall.
  • ASTR 115 – Observational Astronomy Lab, lab section 61 (22756), R 10:05-11:05 am. The lecture part of this course (ASTR 114) is a pre- or co-requisite for the lab. Satisfies the GenEd "L" requirement. This section meets in O'Connor Hall room 125 and all students must bring their own laptop computers. Students in this section may make use of Dickinson's own telescope.
  • CW 250 - Fundamentals of Creative Writing, section 2 (10074), TR 10:05-11:30 in Digman Hall room 136. Taught by Barrett Bowlin.  Satisfies the GenEd "A" requirement.  Note: CW 250 does not satisfy the GenEd "C" requirement.  It is intended for students with some proficiency in writing.
  • PHIL 146 - Law and Justice, lecture (10429) TR 10:05-11:30, discussion section A04 (10439) F 1:10-2:100 in Johnson Hall room 102.  Satisfies GenEd "H".
  • PLSC 117 – Intro. to World Politics, lecture A0 (20772) TR 10:05-11:30 am, discussion A11 (20783) M 5:50-6:50 pm in Johnson Hall room 102. Satisfies the GenEd “G” or “N” requirement.
  • PSYC 111 - General Psychology, lecture section 01 (10489), TR 11:40-1:05. This is a live-stream of Prof. Ann Merriwether's lecture from LH-1, viewed in Rafuse Hall room 116.  Students register for the LH-1 section (01) but will have the option to view the lecture from Rafuse.  An undergrad TA will facilitate discussions and quizzes. For exams students may have to go to the Lecture Hall.

For new students:

  • WRIT 111 - Coming to Voice: Dickinson, section 12 (20251), TR 1:15-2:40 pm, or section 13 (20252), TR 2:50-4:15, both in C4 room 114C. Satisfies the GenEd "J" requirement (both "C" and "O").
  • UNIV 101 - College Students in Transition, section 08 (27222), MW 1:10-2:10 pm inC4 room 114C. 2 credits. Satisfies the GenEd "O" requirement.

If you are interested in any of these courses, simply select the appropriate section when registering.

Dickinson Leadership Course

Students interested in honing their leadership skills may enroll in a 2-semester, 2-credits/semester course, CDCI 395 - Professional Internship Program, TR 6:30-8:30pm (satisfies Harpur "W").  Taught by Dickinson RD Jaimie Osborn, allows students to meet with administrators, faculty, staff and other students to better understand different leadership and management styles.  To apply, fill out the on-line form (available soon).

Signature Theme - Sustainability

In Fall 2015 we will continue our multi-year educational program on Sustainability, the balance between economic development, social equity and environmental management. Organized by a student panel, this program will include guest lectures by experts from campus and the community, field trips to community organizations and facilities, opportunities for community service activities, participation in community gardening, demonstration projects on alternative energy sources, etc.

Students Sharing their Talents

Monthly Open Mic Nights provide an opportunity for Dickinson students to share their talents in singing, songwriting, dancing, playing musical instruments, comedy, etc.  These are held in the Fireplace Lounge and have been tremendously popular and fun.  In Spring we host a juried art show with a variety of entries from Dickinson students and staff including drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture and computer art.  Finally "Cafe Night" gives students a chance to share spoken word work.

If you have any questions about Dickinson’s “living and learning community” please feel free to contact me by email or by phone through the community office, or drop by my office (in the Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center, just off the Fireplace Lounge).

Kim Jaussi
(607) 777-2826


* General Education requirements include one course each in Composition (C) and Oral Communication (O), which can be satisfied with a single Joint (J) course, one course each in Humanities (H), Global Interdependencies (G), Laboratory Science (L), Math and Reasoning (M), Pluralism (P), Social Science (N) and Aesthetics (A).  In addition there are Foreign Language and Health/Wellness requirements. 

Students who have a good idea of their intended major are well advised to take one or two courses toward that major while beginning to satisfy General Education requirements.  This not only keeps you on schedule toward graduation, but also helps you maintain your own interest and motivation in your courses.


Last Updated: 4/11/16