Hinman College Council

Hinman is a community filled with passionate students looking to participate in community service, and actively encourage each other. It has ambitious residents that become leaders in Hinman, the university, and the greater community. The opportunities offered to the residents of Hinman are endless and extremely valuable. Hinman College Council (HCC) provides many of these opportunities and experiences. HCC is a large, friendly, and supportive group for emerging leaders within the hall and the community at large.

HCC has high aspirations for the 2015-2016 school year. They aim to further grow and strengthen the Hinman spirit and community that everyone has come to know and love along with the continuation of so many things we cherish. HCC is here to make sure that while Hinmanites are away at school everyone feels that Hinman is their home. HCC hopes to make this next year more exciting than ever before. GO HINMAN!


2015-2016 Executive Board

Tori Pena
Email: tpena4@binghamton.edu

Sonia Reyes
Public Affairs Vice President
Email: sreyes6@binghamton.edu

Lisa George
Academic Vice President
Email: lgeorge

Nicole Desantis
Financial Vice President
Email: ndesant1@binghamton.edu

Katrina Hua
Social Vice President
Email: khua4@binghamton.edu

Ryan Cadwell
Service and Leadership Vice President
Email: rcadwel1@binghamton.edu



Last Updated: 6/16/15