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If you are looking for something to do or just want to get involved, check out the Mountainview B-Involved Page and Events Calendar.  The Mountainview College Council (MCC) and Mountainview Resident Assistant (RA) Staff work hard to put on events that appeal to the very diverse Mountainview Student population.  If you do not find something that interests you and would like to see it happen, please feel free to connect with your RA, Hall Government or MCC Executive Board members.

RA Event Spotlight

Mountainview College houses 32 Resident Assistants, commonly referred to as "RA's". As part of the RA position Mountainview RA's are required to plan, execute, and assess a number of fun and educational events for residents throughout the fall and spring semesters. Below are just a few examples of some great events our Resident Assistant staff has put on during the 2010-2011 year.


This event was created around the concept of helping residents manage thier money in "the real world". One Moutnainview RA took the initiative to create a life size game centered around the popular "Monopoly" board game. Residents had the opportunity to choose how to spend (or invest) thier money. In this simulation residents had to take into account living costs, unexpected expenses, and paying off college loans.

Exercise Behind Closed Doors

For this event, a member of campus activities came in to teach residents the mental and physical benefits of the art of yoga.

The Mountainview Blood Drive

The Mountainview Blood Drive is an annual event, which is held in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Mountainview residents as well as members of the greater Binghamton University community are given to opportunity to donate blood. Their donations are used to aid individuals in need throughout the regional community.  

Mythbusters Busting Academic Myths

In preparation for this event RA's in Hunter Hall decided to film their own unique take of the popular television show "Mythbusters" Popular academic myths such as the effectiveness of cramming, and definition of plagiarism were "busted" during the event. Later, a discussion on these topic was led by Dr Kevin Wright, Mountainview's own Faculty Master.

Marcy Gingerbread House Making

Each year it is a tradition for the Marcy RA Staff and Hall Government Leaders to host a community-wide Gingerbread House making event.   During this year's event residents had the opportunity to not only to make unique, and edible, Gingerbread Houses but also to create unique and delicious cookie and cupcake designs.  At the conclusion of the event the Marcy Hall Government Leaders judged the Gingerbread Houses on creativity, structure, use of color, and durability.

Decorated Cupcakes Gingerbread House Students Gingerbread House Students





Dirty Jobs: Roommate Conflict Edition

In preperation for this event RA's in Hunter Hall decided to film their own take of the popular TV show "Dirty Jobs". The RA's wanted to try a funny take on an otherwise serious topic: roommate conflicts. After they debuted their "episode" the RA's had a discussion on how to navigate roommate conflicts and difficult conversations with peers.

Dance with Africa

RA's from across the community collaborated with the African Dance Ensemble in order to teach Mountainview residents about African culture. Residents had the opportunity to learn some new dances and even had the opportunity to learn how to play some of the instruments! 

Windham Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year the Windham Team hosts a Thanksgiving Dinner for the residents of Mountainview College. The most recent one was held on November 13, 2011. This year the staff was able to collaborate with the Windham Hall Government to serve 100 people. This is a great time for residents to relax during a stressful time of the semester and to interact with students and staff from across the area.

Group of Students for Windham Thanksgiving 11-13-11

Hunter Haunted Halloween

During the fall semester the RA staff in Hunter Hall came together for its annual haunted house event. This year the Hunter Great Room was transformed into "Hunter's Haunted Hospital". Residents had the opportunity to go through "new employee orientation" before entering the haunted house. The event was very successful and scary! A total of 400 residents came out to support throughout the night.

Hunter Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Hunter RAs held an event centered around arts and crafts, learning about safe sex, making cards, enjoying chocolates, and more.

Students at Valentine's Day eventStudents at Valentine's Day event Students at Valentine's Day event 



Whether it is an RA event, a student group event, a hall government or area government event, there is always something going on in Mountainview!

Check out our Flickr page for pictures of events in Mountainview for the 2010-2011 year!!


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