Newing Fellows

The Newing fellows consist of faculty and staff from all different departments and offices on campus.  The fellows engage students during both formal and informal events, usually within the residential community.  Students can create new relationships with the fellows to continue their learning outside of the classroom.  Below is a list of the current fellows in Newing.

List of Fellows

Nancy Abashian


John Chaffee

Distinguished Prof., History and Asian American Studies

Lee Cummings


Sara Delmar


Jean Dorak

Assistant Dean - School of Education

John Fletcher

Health & Wellness

Fran Goldman

Asian & Asian American Studies

Suronda Gonzalez

Office of International Programs

S.G. Grant

Dean, School of Education

Larry Greenfield

Harpur Academic Advising

Kevin Heard


Shannon Hilliker

ESL Program

Surinder Kahai

Professor, SOM

Terry Kelley-Wallace

Transfer Student



Florence Margai

Geography, Graduate School

Loretta (Lucky)

School of Education

Anne McCall

Dean, Harpur College

Rosmarie Morewedge

German and Russian Studies

Peter Nardone

New Student Programs

Wendy Neuberger 

Director, Harpur Edge

Jay Newberry


Brian Perry


Beth Riley

Dean of Students Office

Daryl Santos

Professor, Engineering

Oktay Sekercisoy

Dual-Diploma Programs

Julian Shepherd


Harvey Stenger


Father Robert (Bob) Sullivan

Retired Chaplain

Brian Rose

V.P. of Student Affairs

April Thompson

Dean of Students

Sarah Thompson

Health and Wellness

Linda Torricelli

Office of International Programs

Gary Truce

Health and Wellness

David Vose


Terry Webb

Assistant Vice President of Student Life

Alex Hantman

Innovation Fellow in the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Partnership

Eric Howd

Instructional Design Specialist, Center for Learning & Teaching

Ken McCleod

Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovative Partnerships








Last Updated: 8/20/15