The Lake Lieberman Gazette

 The Lake Lieberman Gazette is Newing College's own periodical! It that began with its first issue in 1968.  It was created to inform residents about what is going on in Newing College. Originally it was printed on paper, but we have recently " gone green" and have moved to an online format. Click on the links below to check it out!

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November 2012 Issue

October 2012 Issue

August 1987 Issue (20th Anniversary Edition)


Would you like to submit an article for the Lake Lieberman Gazette?

We are now accepting article submissions! The article submissions should be e-mailed to the Lake Lieberman Gazette at

Please be mindful that the newsletters are published every two weeks. Your article may not appear in the newsletter following your submission. Email us at the address above if you have specific questions.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing your article in the Lake Lieberman Gazette!


Last Updated: 8/20/15