Who can use this system?

In order to register your housing preferences you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a newly admitted student for the fall 2013 semester.
  • Have paid your $350 enrollment deposit (or had it waived).
  • Have activated and accessed your Binghamton University email account.


What is BMail?

BMail is your official Binghamton email address, and is where all university communications are sent. Binghamton University has partnered with Google to provide our students, faculty and staff with BMail. (http://bmail.binghamton.edu)

What is my Binghamton University Computer Account?

Your Binghamton University Computer Account is used to access all online resources on campus: housing request form, Blackboard, public computers on campus, Internet connection, BU Brain Self-Service, etc. You access your computer account by logging in with your user ID and password.

Getting started

If you have already activated your Binghamton University Computer Account skip to the "Manage your Binghamton University Computer Account" section. If you have not activated your accounts, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

To proceed, you will need your User ID which was sent to you in your application acknowledgement notifications.

Activate your Binghamton University Computer Account (if you haven't done so already)

STEP 1: Go to https://password.binghamton.edu.

STEP 2: Click on the blue "Activate Password" box.

STEP 3: Enter your User ID (provided in this email to you) and the e-mail address you supplied with your application.

STEP 4: An initial password will be sent to your supplied e-mail address.

Manage your Binghamton University Computer Account

STEP 1: Return to our password homepage at https://password.binghamton.edu

STEP 2: Click on "Manage Account Profile."

STEP 3: Enter your user ID and the initial password you received via email.

STEP 4: You will be prompted to accept the Binghamton University Computer and Network Usage Policy.

STEP 5: Create a new password and create two security questions and answers.

Create BMail Account Password

STEP 1: Now, create your separate BMail account password by clicking on the orange "BMail Password Reset" box on https://password.binghamton.edu and logging in with your Binghamton University Computer Account user ID and password you just established.

STEP 2: Enter and confirm a new BMail password following the rules displayed on the page. We strongly recommend you choose a different password than the one created for your Binghamton University Computer Account. You should see a confirmation that you were successful.

Access BMail

STEP 1: Go to http://bmail.binghamton.edu

STEP 2: Enter your BMail user ID and your BMail password.

If you still can't log in to housing:

    1. Reset your Binghamton University password (not your Bmail password) at:
      https://password.binghamton.edu (Click Manage Account Profile).

  1. Attempt to log in again
  2. Still can't get in? Please send an email to housing@binghamton.edu describing your issue.
    Don't forget to tell us who you are!

Last Updated: 7/18/14