Residential Life Staff

Meet the Residential Life Staff

All Residential Life staff members are available to talk with students about their experience living on campus. However, the RA, ARC, RD, ACD, CD, AD and Faculty Master will be the best and most accessible resources to your student.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Your student is encouraged to seek support from their RA. RAs are responsible for the student development and community development program within their floor, house, or suite. These students go through extensive training in order to help support their residents in connecting to the university and the local area, getting involved with the campus, and meeting their academic goals. RAs also mediate roommate conflicts, confront violations of the Rules of Student Conduct, and educate their residents on how to handle emergency situations.

Assistant Resident Coordinator (ARC)

Your student may live in a building with an Assistant Resident Coordinator.  ARCs are graduate students who work with the full-time Resident Directors to provide a living environment conducive to living and learning for all residents.

Assistant Community Director (ACD)

If your student lives in the Hillside or Susquehanna Apartment Community, they will have the opportunity to interact with our Assistant Community Directors.  The ACDs are graduate students who works with the full-time Community Director to help develop a sense of community amongst the apartment residents.

Resident Director (RD)

Each traditional building (CIW, Dickinson, Hinman, Mountainview & Newing) has a full-time professional RD who works with the RAs to provide a challenging and supportive environment where students can live and learn. All RDs have college degrees and are well informed about the issues and challenges college students face. The Resident Directors ensure that the residence hall fosters a comfortable living/learning atmosphere for the residents living in their hall

Community Director (CD)

The Hillside and Susquehanna Apartment Communities are overseen by a Community Director.  The CD is a full-time professional who work with the apartment staff to help students transition to apartment-style living.

Assistant Director (AD)

Each community is overseen by an Assistant Director of Residential Life.  Their main focus is to build a cohesive staff, manage the area office, and serve as a liaison between the central Residential Life office and the residential communities.

Faculty Master

Each residential community has a tenured faculty member who works as a member of the Residential Life staff.  Their main focus is to help shape the learning experience for the students by bridging academia and residential life in a seamless living-learning environment.

Last Updated: 8/20/15