april showers

Getting Ready for those April Showers

Do you know the statement, “when it rains- it pours”? Well such is the case here in Binghamton; not just because the weather can be temperamental, but because April is a month full of important decisions and concerns for your student.

As a parent you are going to want to provide that all too useful umbrella or rain coat to help them make it through. Knowing a bit about the season and what your student is facing will be essential to keeping him or her dry.

Isn’t it time for a break already?

After two long months of classes and hard work your student may be itching for a break. As April begins so does Spring Break, which occurs from March 23 through April 1.  Spring Break is a great time to help your student rejuvenate and plan for a very busy end of the semester. Students spend the break period in very different ways. Some students spend this time traveling, some visiting friends, while others use the time to prepare for exams and projects they are sure to have immediately following the break.

If your student is planning to make a trip during the break period it might be helpful to check out, or encourage your student to check out, the following safety tips: http://www.safespringbreak.org/safety-tips/.

Argh, I am not sure if this major is for me let alone what classes I should take next year!

Though it may seem early, fall 2013 pre-registration begins soon. As your student moves closer to the registration period he or she may have questions regarding how to find out registration times, what General Education requirements have not been completed, or even which courses are required for his or her major.

There are a host of resources provided on campus to help your student navigate this process. Resident Assistant, Discovery Advisors, and most of the academic colleges hold academic advising sessions as well as session explaining how to read the DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) in the weeks leading up to pre-registration.   It will be important for your student to understand DARS because it explains all of his or her requirements to receive a degree. If your student has specific questions regarding his or her major, pre-registration status, changing majors, or appropriate course tracks, it would be most beneficial to encourage him or her to visit the links below as well as make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Course Registration Information:


Accessing DARS:


How to read DARS:


Harpur Advising:


CCPA Advising:


Decker Advising:


SOM Advising:


Watson Advising:


GSE Advising:


To study or not to study during the summer?

As the semester begins to close your student may be wondering if he/she should register for summer courses or spend the time doing other things of interest. If your student has contacted you over the course of the year with concerns regarding their course load, a difficult instructor, or even wondering if he or she will be able to graduate on time, then attending summer courses might be a worthwhile venture. Binghamton offers summer sessions as a way to help students get ahead on their General Education requirements, balance out their course load during the fall and spring sessions, or even to take a more difficult course with a lighter course load.

Whether your student chooses to take courses at home, at an approved institution closer to home or here on campus now is the time for them make and/or finalize these arrangements. Summer registration begins soon and courses are often filled quickly. If your student wishes to take courses at home he or she may need to visit both their college advising office and the registrars’ office to ensure he or she has complete the appropriate documentation.  You, or your student, can also take a look at our summer housing information, website listed below, if he or she is planning to take classes on campus. 

Summer Housing Information,

Summer session information,

Information regarding Financial Aid for summer session can be found at

Time sure flies; are we at the end of the semester already?

As the semester comes to an end, your student is sure to experience some feelings of nostalgia in addition to the stress of final exams, projects, or papers. It is important to help them balance time spent both studying and socializing so that they can create lasting memories of their collegiate experience.

As the end of the semester brings about warmer weather, various campus organizations host a plethora of fun and very memorable events. These end of semester events include the wonderful traditions such as College in the Woods’ Casino in the Woods, Dickinson's Mutant Mania, Newing Navy, Hinman Hysteria, and Mountainview’s Salamander Days, which are planned by the community governments in the Residential Communities. Dates for each event can be found on the Residential Life or Community webpages.   In addition, the Student Association will also host its’ Annual Spring Fling on May, 4th.

Last Updated: 3/23/15