Resident Assistant Selection

For 2015 - 2016

If you love Binghamton University as much as you say you do, the RA Selection Committee invites you to apply to become a Resident Assistant!
Resident Assistants possess strong leadership skills and a commitment to build quality relationships in not only their residential community, but all across the Binghamton University campus.
RAs play an integral part in the overall operation of the residence halls. Primarily, the RA is concerned with the growth and development of each individual on his/her floor and the building community as a whole. Additionally, RAs are continually striving to enhance the quality of life for those residents. This includes planning programs, promoting diversity, assisting with personal and professional growth, and most importantly enjoying their time at Binghamton University. Overall, it's a very fun and rewarding job with many benefits.
Explore this site to see if the RA job is a good fit for you!

Last Updated: 10/28/14