What courses are taught in the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures?

From the Elementary level language and literatures courses through the graduate level in FRENCH, ITALIAN, and SPANISH.

What majors and minors are available to the undergraduate student?

Majors and minors are offered in French, Italian and Spanish. More information on our undergraduate programs can be found here.

Is there a residency requirement (a certain number of courses that have to be taken on campus)?


For the Major:

  • French - 3 of the 400-level courses;
  • Italian - 3 of the 400-level courses;
  • Spanish - 5 courses: 3 of the 300/400-level including at least 2 400-level seminars.

For the Minor: 3 of the courses including 1 of the upper division courses.

Is Study Abroad offered through the Department?

Study Abroad programs are available from many institutions in and outside of the SUNY system. The Office of International Programs has information on the programs available. 

In particular, the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures sponsors a summer program in Madrid and Málaga (Spain). For academic advising on this program, contact Prof. Antonio Sobejano-Morán (

What kinds of job opportunities are available for a person with language skills beyond just the required 3-semester proficiency level?

There are so many advantages to foreign language study: e-mail people around the globe, speak with more ease to those in one's profession or community who speak another language, apply the skills from learning one language to learning another one or more, keep up with peers from many countries where several languages are required in their education, prepare for a position in a company where verbal or written translation may be of importance, travel to countries where the language(s) you've learned are spoken, work with business documents where a knowledge of another language facilitates transactions, go on to graduate school where foreign languages are required, and so on.

Are advisors available to answer my questions?

Yes. The full-time faculty advise students; office hours are posted on office doors. Offices are located in the Library Tower on the 2nd floor.

Does the department offer any 3+2 (5-year) programs leading to the Baccalaureate of Arts plus a Master's degree?

Yes. Information on our 3+2 (5-year) programs can be found here.

Last Updated: 3/15/17