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Minor in French


1. Six 4-credit courses above the 115-level (115 is excluded; once you begin the sequence of courses, you cannot move back in the curriculum course offerings)
2. One of the six courses must be in literature
3. Two must be at the 300 or 400 level
4. Three of the six courses must be completed on campus
5. At least one 300 or 400-level course must be completed on campus.


Note: in order for the computer to accept a request for a Minor to be added, a student must have completed 60 credits of course-work.

1. Fill out a "Declaration of Major [and Minor] Form" (in hallway outside LN2216).
2. Leave it on the front desk in LN 2216 for processing.
3. A copy will be sent back to you once the processing is complete.
4. Check with the advisor listed below periodically throughout your study program, esp. for Study Abroad.


Professor Robyn Cope (LN 2220)

Last Updated: 3/27/17