SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF)

For graduate students in the humanities and social sciences who have completed major course requirements to formulate more effective dissertation proposals. Two workshops: one in the spring prepares students to undertake summer research that will inform the design of their dissertation proposal; one in the fall to help students write dissertation and funding proposals. Five research fields selected each year, students apply to one of them. Expenses to attend the workshops are covered; summer research funding is also available.


mid October

Application Procedure:
Student applies directly

Eligible to Apply:

Undergraduate: None

Graduate: Phd Student, ABD Student - Must have completed at least two full years of graduate study

Award Type:
Dissertation Completion Grants

Award Period:
Academic Year (Graduate)
Summer (Graduate)

Disciplines / Areas of Study or Interest:
Humanities and Social Sciences

Additional Qualifications:

Last Updated:
June 15, 2016

Last Updated: 6/8/16