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Smart Choices

First, let us tell you what you will not find here. We're not about preaching at you or telling you what to do. Also, we don't pretend to believe that you listen to us simply because we say something is true. So even though we are right most of the time (and we are, we think), you don't have to believe us. Also, and occasionally (very) , we can be wrong and if we are we would appreciate you letting us know. Just click that small button with the envelope thing on it and tell us. We'll be big about it, say we blew it, and print your correction on the site. On the front page even. The fact is, we realize that most of our visitors are also right most of the time.

So this site will simply present information for you to use in making smart choices about drugs. Choices that will work for you. Choices that help you get what you want from your college education. Choices that fit in with the view you have of yourself and your future. Here you will find both the good and the bad about drugs that we, being human, can and do abuse. Here we will try to cover the various drugs of choice, the prevention of their abuse, how to reduce or stop the use of them if they are a problem for you, an introduction to the University's Alcohol & Other Drug Program, links to other ideas and facts about drug use. That's it, just information for making smart choices, both for yourself and when you need to help a friend.

As you are browsing through the site, if you do not find what you need, question something, get annoyed, or even like what you find, please send us feedback.

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Last Updated: 9/4/09