Suk-Young Kang

Associate Professor

Dr. Suk-Young Kang is an associate professor in the Binghamton University Department of Social Work. His research includes mental health and social work gerontology as it relates to Asian immigrant older populations and social justice. His research also focuses on depression and family caregiver issues.

As a social worker in Chicago, Dr. Kang witnessed the impact of welfare reform on the lives of immigrants. These experiences included working with older populations in the public housing of Chicago North and serving as a program coordinator at the Korean American Senior Center at Chicago. After receiving his PhD from Columbia University in 2003, he accepted an assistant professor position at the School of Social Work at Arizona State University and then an assistant professor position in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.

While he was a faculty member at Arizona State University, with the support of the John A. Hartford Foundation, he conducted a study of depression and health status among Chinese and Korean immigrant elders aged 65 and over in Arizona, in the first-ever study about depression and health status among elders within these ethnic groups in Arizona. After moving to Texas, with the support of the Hogg Foundation, he conducted a study to see the impact of financial crisis on the prevalence of depression among Korean immigrant elders in northern Texas. He continues to conduct research projects for older adults in the Binghamton University Department of Social Work.

Educational Background

  • PhD, School of Social Work, Columbia University
  • MSSW, School of Social Work, Columbia University
  • BA, Social Welfare, College of Social Science, 
    Seoul National University

Current Research Interests

  • Depression and health status among Asian immigrant elders
  • Family caregiving
  • Social justice for immigrants and refugees
  • Effectiveness of comprehensive geriatric counseling

Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Sabir, M., Henderson, C., Kang, S. Y., & Pillemer, K. (in press). Attachment-focused integrative reminiscence with older African-Americans: A randomized controlled intervention study. Aging and Mental Health.

Kang, S. Y., Kim, I. S., & Kim, W. S. (2015). Differential patterns of healthcare service use among Chinese and Korean immigrant elders. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Advance online publication. doi:10.1007/s10903-015-0297-7

Kim, W. S., Kang, S. Y., & Kim, I. S. (2015). Depression among Korean immigrant elders living in Canada and the US: A comparative study. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 58(1), 86-103. doi:10.1080/01634372.2014.919977

Jang, Y., Park, N. S., Kang, S. Y., & Chiriboga, D. A. (2014). Racial/ethnic differences in the association between symptoms of depression and self-rated mental health. Community Mental Health Journal, 50(3), 325-330. doi:10.1007/s10597-013-9642-2

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Page, J., Petrovich, J., & Kang, S. Y. (2012). Characteristics of homeless adults with serious mental illness served by three street-level federally funded homelessness programs. Community Mental Health Journal, 48(6), 699-704. doi:10.1007/s10597-011-9473-y

Kang, S. Y., Boyas, J., & Salehin, M. (2012). Correlates of depression among Chinese immigrant elders in Arizona: The role of acculturative stress and social support. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 22(3), 334-350. doi:10.1080/10911359.2012.655609

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Boyas, J., Wind, L. H., & Kang, S. Y. (2012). Exploring the relationship between employment-based social capital, job stress, burnout, and intent to leave among child protection workers: An age-based path analysis model. Children and Youth Services Review, 34(1), 50-62. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2011.08.033

Book Chapters

Kang, S. Y., & Kim, J. K. (2015). Successful aging and economic security among older Koreans. In S. T. Cheng, I. Chi, H. H. Fung, L. W. Li, & J. Woo (Eds.), Successful aging: Asian perspectives. New York, NY: Springer.

Suk-Young Kang

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